Earth Grown Soy Protein Burgers

Earth Grown Soy Protein Burgers

  • Flame Grilled or Vegan
  • Frozen. Soy based veggie burger
  • Product Code: 52622
  • 10 oz.

usu. $2.49

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User Reviews

Soy protein burger

5 5 1
Best protein low fat burger I have ever taste.......... please sell at Snellville. Ga store

Soy protein burger earth grown vegan

5 5 1
Earth grown soy protein burger is GREAT! Please keep in Centerville store in Georgia. They are outstanding

Awesome burgers!

5 5 1
I love it! I hope they continue to carry it!

Earth Grown Soy Protein burger w/cheese

5 5 1
Earth Grown [flame grilled]Soy Protein burger w/cheese Is the best vegetarian burger I have ever tasted. Please continue to stock it endlessly at the East Gunhill Road Aldi in the Bronx, NY. In fact, do yourself a favor and stock it EVERYWHERE. These burgers are better than Bocca, better than Gardein, better than Trader Joes(!), better than Subways, better than all I've tried, and I believe I've tried them all. Congratulations on an incredible product.

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