3 Piece Santoku Knife Set

Santoku Knife Set

Aldi-Love Review – Santoku Knife Set

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Special Buy?  Yes
Price  usu. $9.99
Pros decent starter set
Cons  none
Details  3-piece knife set includes 3″, 5″ and 7″ blades; black ABS or stainless steel handles; safety caps; limited 2-year warranty

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User Reviews

Good Knives if you know how to sharpen knives

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This looks like the four knife set I bought few years ago for something like $7. (Gotta love inflation! LOL) Anyway they were in the close out shelf and one package was open. I picked up the knives, they were amazingly nice heavy and balanced weight for a cheap knife and the handle was comfortable. Not particularly sharp. So set comes home with me. If those of you looking at these knives up close in person can confirm the heavy weight and good balance then they are pretty definitely same knives. These knives are unmarked and packaging they came in is long gone. So I cant swear absolutely that these are same knives, but sure look like it and I did get them at Aldi. Anyway, I get them home, the paring knife was sort of halfway usable sharp, the others werent. This is some HARD steel and nothing I had could put decent edge on them. Course I wasnt going to spend half day sharpening one knife. If you have zen like patience hand honing, perhaps your mileage may differ. You will need aluminum oxide or diamond hones starting with coarse grit and working way up, the sandstone hones wont do it. But despite my lack of success sharpening them, I kept them around. Then recently bought a little cheapo HF 1x30 stationary belt sander on sale, after reading it was very effective sharpening knives. You have to buy set of aluminum oxide belts from different source, HF doesnt sell them. Sander just comes with one coarse grit silicone carbide belt. I suggest starting with a course 120 grit up through 2000 grit. Or if you cant find the 2000 grit (only one place I found sells it retail), you can hand strop using leather belt with the green jewlers rouge for final polish. Start with the coarse grit to develop wire edge, then work your way up refining that edge and polishing it with ever finer grits. Lot online info and youtube videos how to do it. On knives already having ok edge and just needing touch up, you can start at like 800 grit. After practicing on various cheapo knives I found around my place, got the hang of how to do decent job sharpening, I finally got to these Aldi Kitchen Living knives. Wow is all I can say, they took bit longer than the softer steel knives to develop an edge, but now have an incredible sharp polished edge that I would bet holds for a very long time. Looking at other knives online, my guess whatever factory in China that makes the Norpro Kleve knives and the Guy Fieri knives makes these. The resemblance is striking and these just arent sharpened as well nor polished like their more expensive relatives. I give them a 9 considering low price. Only deduct one point for coming out of package dull. I mean unfortunately just fact of life, cheap knives dont come from factory very sharp. Or they are ground with such a conservative wide angle edge that even if they at first seem sharp, they quickly dull. People assume garbage metal (and some cheap knives are garbage), but really most cheap knives have enough temper that if properly sharpened and treated with respect will hold edge at least few months. By respect I mean hand wash them only, use wood cutting board, dont chop on glass/ceramic/metal surface, and store them properly where edge isnt bumping against other stuff in some kitchen junk drawer.

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