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Aldi-Love Review – Kitchen Living Salad Spinner

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Still on the Fence

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The Kitchen Living salad spinner replaced a Zyliss pull cord spinner after the cord broke following years of use. I've only had my Kitchen Living Salad Spinner a week and I'm not completely sold on it. The lettuce doesn't get as dry as it did with the previous spinner (I have to blot with paper towel) and the slide handle maneuver gets strenuous after a few times. At this time, I'd have to give the product a rating of 7.

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First time I used it, it would not spin much. Gears make "cracking" sound, slips, and will not turn quickly. I guess I wasted the little i spent on this at Aldi. Have had fair luck with some of their "special buys", but this one was a bust.

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The device worked perfectly . . . until the top came apart and I have not been able to get the snap-in pieces to align and fit into place. Consequently, it has been rendered useless, a candidate for the recycling bin.

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I have had this salad spinner for 4 months now and the knob on the top lid is stuck and won't spin... with its cheap plastic quality, i guess you get what you paid for.

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