Aldi Juice and Soda Pop

Aldi juice and soda

Try Aldi Juice and Soda Pop to Quench Your Thirst

Aldi juice and soda is available in quite a few varieties.

Aldi actually carries Coke, both in 2-liter bottles and in cans.

But mostly they have their own brands, with names and flavors similar to the popular one. In 2-liter bottles and cans as well, you can find cola (plus diet cherry), orange, grape, and citrus flavors.

PurAqua Frut flavored water comes in variety pack of 24 bottles (16 oz.). Unfortunately, Frut is sweetened with sucralose and the flavors are strawberry, peach, raspberry and grape.

If you are looking for a Gatorade alternative, Aldi offers (PurAqua) INFUSE thirst quencher in large 32. oz bottles. The drink is available in regular and low-carb orange, grape and lemon-lime. And for the Red Bull crowd, there’s the Red Thunder energy drink by Summit.

You’ll also find juice boxes, reconstituted lemon juice, water flavorings, drink mixes and citrus punch.

Fruit juices include vegetable (like V-8), apple, white grape and cranberry and cranberry blends. Campbell’s or Welch’s cans or bottles are usually in stock.

You can find orange juice in the refrigerator section (cartons), or frozen cans of both orange and apple juice, and lemonade.

During special buys you may find can feature black cherry or mango tangerine nectars.

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