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Aldi-Love Review – Friendly Farms Milk: No Artificial Growth Hormones

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Special Buy?  No
Price around $2.00/gallon

price fluctuates, but is typically much less than grocery stores

Pros price; no artificial growth hormones
Cons  none
Details whole, 2% (reduced fat), 1% (lowfat), skim (nonfat); gallon and half gallon sizes

User Reviews

Can't open the bottles

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Who designed these bottles? I have some arthritis but still they are impossible to open. I have to go find a pair of pliers. The way there is a bump around the cap on one side you can't get your thumb into the space to turn it. I like the milk and the price so please improve this bottle.

were made

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I don't like the fact Friendly Farms doesn't say where the product is made. That's why I don't buy there products, I don't like putting food in my body unless I know whit comes from.

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Love their milk! That's the only one we buy! And the price is great! Love Aldi!

organic milk

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Milk waS good tasting Expiration date Aug.10 that's app. seven weeks from now How can this be


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Just tried my first Friendly Farms Organic Skim Milk. Awful. It was oily, had a sheen on my coffee, I am wondering if my carton got the whole dose of the Vit A. Definitely not sour tasting, but tasted like oil. Needless to say it went down the drain. Is this common?


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Never was a big fan of Aldi stores. However, I was on vacation for father's day and stayed at a hotel that had a "free" breakfast which consisted of a pancake machine, waffles and cereal. We all poured milk from a carafe and it was the best milk we ever tasted. I snuck in to there fridge to sneak a peek at the brand. The jug said Friendly Farms. As soon as I got home I googled where to buy this milk and was definitely shocked to find it could only be bought in my area at Aldi. Time to give Aldi another chance! Best milk ever!

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