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Aldi-Love Review – Friendly Farms Milk: No Artificial Growth Hormones

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Special Buy?  No
Price around $2.00/gallon

price fluctuates, but is typically much less than grocery stores

Pros price; no artificial growth hormones
Cons  none
Details whole, 2% (reduced fat), 1% (lowfat), skim (nonfat); gallon and half gallon sizes

User Reviews


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I have been buying the organic 1/2 gallons of milk for several months and realize that the cartons stay to use within 7 days of opening (and before the expiration date).... So, a couple of times, I've found that the milk has expired, as expected, since it had been open more than 7 days. THIS time though, the expiration date is March 3rd and it's only February 19th. It was not opened until February 14th.... this time, I know, because I opened it on Valentine's Day to cook with. A few minutes ago, I started to pour some in a pot and it was SLIME! I have never, ever seen anything like this, whether it spoils or not! This is supposed to be organic milk and I want to know WHAT this is!

Spoils extremely fast

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I decided to try aldis organic milk because it was such a great deal, so i bought the 2% organic milk. Date bought was in September and expiration was not till end of december. I dont drink milk often so but went to have a bowl of cereal in the beginning of november and the milk was spoiled. I then decided to give it another shot because i had only tryed one half gallon in my lifetime. I bought a half gallon of the fat free milk. Bought it in the middle of november and expiration date was in middle of january. I went to have a glass of milk in the end of november and the milk was already spoiled again! By then i had already took a sip so i was vomiting it up so i didnt get sick. This is dangerous especially when you have children or elderly in the house. This was a great deal but if the expiration dates were accurate instead of extremely prolonged, then this would be a great product. These expiration dates are crucial to prevent food bourne illneses!


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I always get a fresh product at Aldi.

Dont Cry Over SPOILED Milk

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' milk from the Aldi in Inglewood, CA.'...this is the 4th time in the last 2 months t. The milk is spoiling in the cold refrigerator well before the expiration date. Please Help!!!

bad milk

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In the last 2 weeks I have bought 2% milk at their store in Crestwood,Mo. twice. They still had at least 7 days left on their sell date. The first one was lumpy like buttermilk but was not sour. I returned it to the store. The second time I bought 2 gallons and these were also a little lumpy and stuck to the milk glass like they had something besides mild in them. None of them smelled sour. Tomorrow I am going to take back the gallon that is still full but open and return it. I dont know whats in your milk but I sure dont want it.

Almond Milk

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recently purchased a 1/2 gal. of your "Vanilla" Almond Milk, and proceeded to add to my cereal. Upon first taste, It was so bitter that I had to throw it all out. It was really "bad". I checked the expiration date on the container and it read Jun.26 17. I always buy the Almond milk and this is the first time this has happened. R. Swingle


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I recently bought 2 and a half gallons of milk from Aldi on April 9, 2017. 1 gallon of 2%, 1 gallon of whole milk, and a half gallon of chocolate milk. All with a sell by date of April 22, 2017. Today is April 18, 2017 and they are all spoiled. I will never buy milk from there again. I don't care how cheap they sell it for. I'd rather spend almost $4 a gallon just to know it won't spoil before the sell by date.

great price good product

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I recently have been buying my 2% milk at Aldis. at this time it is a dollar less per gallon than all the other grocery stores, and I can't taste any difference. good quality great price.

Milk Caps

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I gave this a 4 star and would've been a five star based on the taste of the milk, the price, and Aldi's in general, but this milk cap needs some re-engineering. The cap is not easy to open when needed day to day. Thanks for your consideration.


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This milk was icing on the cake. I felt like a kid in a candy store shopping at Aldi

Chocolate milk

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We used to buy 3 half gallons of friendly farms chocolate milk a week. It was the best we had. All of a sudden a month or so ago jut changed and we hate it. We tried three weeks in a row thinking maybe we got a bad batch, but they were all bad.

Can't open the bottles

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Who designed these bottles? I have some arthritis but still they are impossible to open. I have to go find a pair of pliers. The way there is a bump around the cap on one side you can't get your thumb into the space to turn it. I like the milk and the price so please improve this bottle.

were made

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I don't like the fact Friendly Farms doesn't say where the product is made. That's why I don't buy there products, I don't like putting food in my body unless I know whit comes from.

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Love their milk! That's the only one we buy! And the price is great! Love Aldi!

organic milk

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Milk waS good tasting Expiration date Aug.10 that's app. seven weeks from now How can this be


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Just tried my first Friendly Farms Organic Skim Milk. Awful. It was oily, had a sheen on my coffee, I am wondering if my carton got the whole dose of the Vit A. Definitely not sour tasting, but tasted like oil. Needless to say it went down the drain. Is this common?


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Never was a big fan of Aldi stores. However, I was on vacation for father's day and stayed at a hotel that had a "free" breakfast which consisted of a pancake machine, waffles and cereal. We all poured milk from a carafe and it was the best milk we ever tasted. I snuck in to there fridge to sneak a peek at the brand. The jug said Friendly Farms. As soon as I got home I googled where to buy this milk and was definitely shocked to find it could only be bought in my area at Aldi. Time to give Aldi another chance! Best milk ever!

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Where can i find a number for friendly farms milk company? I need some more information on its nutritional information please.


where are the farms this milk comes from?

R Swingle



Friendly farm organic milk see Washington post 5/1 article bad organics