Friendly Farms Greek Yogurt

Friendly Farms Greek Yogurt

Friendly Farms Greek Yogurt

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I like it

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After watching Dr. Oz, I looked at the label and yours is fine. However, there is no way to know how much probiotic it contains. I always buy the plain yogurt because I can add what I wish to. Plain, you can put a dab of mayo or fruit. Thank you and please keep up the good job!

Not Sure...

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I bought the light Greek yogurt (Friendly Farms, Banana Creme flavor) and was fairly disappointed. It tasted nothing like bananas at all and the color didn't even seem right for what one would associate with banana creme anything. It also wasn't thick and creamy like other light Greek yogurts that I was sort of just blah.

Coconut Vanilla Yogurt.

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I absolutely love the Coconut Vanilla Yogurt, it is the bomb! Best I have ever tasted!

Greek yogurt

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I buy the big tubs of both the plain and vanilla. I use them in smoothies and other recipes. Aldis prices are so wonderful and the taste is the same as the higher priced stores.

Friendly Farms Greek Yogurt

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I love, love, love Friendly Farms Coconut Vanilla yogurt.

Greek Yogurt

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I truly love the Friendly farms greek yogurt, more than any other.

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Mrs. Kemmling

Why is Friendly Farms Blueberry and Raspberry Lowfat Yogurts not listed here? We bought our usual trays of Friendly Farms Blueberry and Raspberry Lowfat Yogurts and we found that out of 1 tray, 5 out of 12 are bad with mold growth. It seems that since the plastic lids are no longer used the ratio between between moldy and good yogurts has changed very much. Almost a 50% ratio.
We have been buying your yogurt for over 10 years at ALDI Foods.