Bake House Creations Cookie Dough

Bake House Creations Cookie Dough

Bake House Creations Cookie Dough

Bake House Creations Cookie Dough

Pumpkin Cream Cheese or Apple Oatmeal

Product Code: 51388

16 oz.

usu. $2.49


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cranberry walnut oatmeal cookie

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These cookies are awesome. Should be selling year round, not just at Christmas. I've shared cookies with many others, and they want to know where to find them, and why Aldi's aren't selling them all the time.

Luv Bake House cookie dough

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Absolutely love BH cookies - especially cranberry oatmeal. PLEASE make available year round.

Bake house cookie dough

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Please tell me how I can get your cookie dough My local Aldo's says it's a special item and only have during holidays.

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Love your cookie dough but upset can only find the cranberry oatmeal ones. Loved the chocolate fudge ones Please make all available especially for the holidays

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Fran Ellena

When can I buy these again at Aldi? I bought up all I could find in the winter but am out of them and we are craving some! Keep them in the store year around – that’ll keep me driving quite a way from home to my closest Aldi store just to buy some – and other items while I’m there, of course!