Friendly Farms and All Refrigerator and Dairy at Aldi

Friendly Farms Milk and Dairy Products at Aldi


Friendly Farms and all Refrigerator and Dairy

In Friendly Farms milk, you will NOT find artificial growth hormones. Never.  Their farmers have vowed not to use the stuff. Whole milk, 2%, 1% and nonfat in gallon and half-gallon sizes.

Other dairy, includes the insanely popular Goldhen eggs, egg substitutes, yogurt, sour cream and half & half.

Block, shredded and cubed cheeses (Happy Farms brand) are available in the popular varieties: cheddar, Swiss, Pepper Jack, There are deli slices of Havarti, Swiss and provolone and American singles, and regular and low-fat cream cheese.

Goat cheese is usually stocked in a couple of flavors. Aldi ups the game during the holidays to include even more selections.

In addition to dairy milk, you’re likely to come across Friendly Farms almond, coconut and cashew milks, kefir and non-dairy creamers (sugar free, french vanilla, fat free, vanilla caramel, Italian sweet cream).

The refrigerator section also stocks bagged salads, romaine lettuce and spinach, ready-to-bake cookies, orange juice, canned biscuits, prepared cold salads (macaroni, chicken, seafood, tuna) and ginormous self-rising crust pizzas.

Deli meats are included in this section, where you will find bacon, hot dogs, brats, bologna, roast beef, turkey and smoked sausage.



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