Crane Mini Trampoline

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Aldi-Love Review – Crane Mini Trampoline with Safety Bars and Video

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Special Buy?  Yes
Price  around $34.99
Pros  great price, sturdy
Cons  none
Details optional safety rails included; workout DVD; flat packed; easy to assemble

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User Reviews

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My girlfriend jumped on it for 2 months before the fabric attaching the springs ripped off while she was jumping. She broke her wrist on the way down. She is like 100lbs. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM. it is a booby trapped practical joke. The people at Aldi are laughing at all of us.

Didn't last long....

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My wife, who is not heavy, lightly used it since December of 2015; and now in June of 2016 it broke. One of the sewed in loops for the metal bracing ripped out and the brace/attachment came off.

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Sturdy and a great bargain. After reading reviews on trampoline/rebounders I decided on one with metal springs versus bunji cords or rubber cords. I went to Aldi for some groceries and saw the Crane rebounder for just $25.00. It has the steel springs and the only assembly was screwing on the legs. It has a 220 lb weight capacity. This is the easiest yet most beneficial exercise I have ever had. My 7 y.o. granddaughter loves it as her mother was told by the dr that she needed to lose some weight so she thinks this is so much fun and it is very beneficial to her. I have deteriorating cartilage in my knees but so far no problems. They actually feel better.

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Was a 5, now a 2. I purchased this over a year ago and I love it however I did not receive the DVD or the safety rail....that is why my rating went from 10 to 5.

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Easy set up but lasted less than one day. My son weighs way less than the limit but 2 fabric loops holding the springs on broke within a few hours.

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Had less than 90 days and one of the fabric straps that hold a spring broke. that is poor quality considering I had another rebounder that I used a lot and had for 10 years before anything went wrong and paid the same price. because I didn't keep receipt or box I'm out $25.

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