Huntington Home Crochet Kits

Huntington Home Crochet Kits

Huntington Home Crochet Kits

  • Woodland Creatures Crochet, Mythical Characters Crochet, Crochet Gifts & Mini Makes or Knitted Accessories
  • Each kit contains materials and instructions to complete 8 projects
  • Product Code: 54729


usu. $4.99

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Huntington Home Crochet Kits

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I personally loved the kit. Insructions were easy to read and follow. I was so suprised that I had enough yard to make two characters and had instructions for 6 more. Working on them currently. Would buy them again if stores carry them again. Very pleased. Would agree though that might be more advance than beginners. But not much.

Missing items in kit

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We did not receive the crochet hook & tapestry needle to complete the project? Unfortunately my granddaughter was unable to complete the project on her own!

Not for beginners

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Such a cute concept but scarcely any direction. Had a very disappointed 9 year old

beginner kit

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i expected more in instructions. i have never crocheted before and am going to youtube videos for how to. thanks for the definitions of each term but doesnt help when learning.


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I wish I had bought more when I saw them. Not really for beginner but I am aliile more of advance beginner so I love them and would buy more if I could find them


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So sorry to say that there is no step-by-step guide in my learn to crochet kit which pretty much makes the kit useless.

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Peggy safa

I liked them wish I had more. Only bought one at the time. Printing a little small and would be nice if there was a video! The price is great and worth the mony