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Buy Coffee Beans at Aldi

Buy Coffee Beans and Grind Them Yourself

You can buy coffee beans at Aldi to grind at home. Nope, there’s no in-store grinder (as of this writing), but you can’t beat a 12 oz. bag of whole bean coffee – Donut Store or Morning Blend – for just $3.99.

Of course, you also have a choice of regular or decaf ground and instant coffee, iced coffee, or packages of 12 single serve cups if you prefer not to buy coffee beans to grind.

The Barissimo brand single cups come in French Vanilla, Dark Roast, Donut Store, Hazelnut, Fair Trade Columbian and Breakfast Blend.

9.5 oz. bottles of iced coffees are available in French Vanilla, Mocha and Coffee Lattee. Get hot cocoa and coffee filters, too.

The Beaumont brand offerings are Classic Roast, regular and decaf, in large 33 oz. cans. espresso.

In addition, you’ll find nondairy creamers in Original (16 oz.), French Vanilla and Hazelnut (15 oz).

The Benner brand offers 100 Classic Blend tea bags, as well as green tea and lemon ginseng, 22 bags each. In the juice section is prepared bottled tea and tea mix canisters.

Bottled water comes in one gallon jugs (purified), multi-packs – 10 oz. twist-off bottles or 20-oz sport bottles.

Until very recently, you could find the Pur Aqua La Vie brand naturally flavored sparkling water with no additives. I have not been able to find it in multiple stores.  The Pur Aqua flavored waters on shelves now (1-liter and multi-pack) contain aspartame or sucralose, which I find very disappointing.


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