Got an Aldi stores purchase you want to review?

Aldi stores reviews

Aldi stores sell literally thousands of products and we aim to have reviews for as many of them as we can. We’d love it if you can help us out.  Thanks for sharing YOUR thoughts.

There are several ways to add a reviews.

  • find an item that already has a page on
    • search the index, click and submit
  • be the first to rate a product on this extensive Aldi product list here
    • copy and paste the full line – number and product name – into the “review title” field
  • if the item is not in the index OR the list below:
    • in the “review title” field, simply type in the full name of the product, rate and review!

Remember, we want to be the place where Aldi shoppers can come to learn what’s good and what’s not so good, so please be as detailed in your review as possible.

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Note:  Please only submit reviews of products distributed exclusively by Aldi Inc. For example, Aldi sells Snickers bars and Kerrygold butter but those are brands and should not be reviewed on Also, please be specific when adding the product/item name, e.g., Happy Farms Aged New York Sharp Cheddar Cheese, rather than “cheese“.


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