How to Contact Aldi Stores – a Quick Guide

How to Contact Aldi Stores

How to Contact Aldi Stores

It bears repeating – Aldi-love is NOT Aldi Stores and we are in no way affiliated with them.

Aldi does not publish store telephone numbers.  However, in most cases, you should be able to contact a U.S. division office.

To find out your division, check this Aldi divisional map.

Sometimes, a simple Google search will return full contact information – addresses and phone numbers – on the right of the screen.

If not, call the Hinckley division at (330) 273-7351. Hopefully they will be able to provide a telephone number for your division.

Divisions can put you in touch with numerous departments.  They can tell you which, if any area stores have a specific item in stock. They may be able to help you with various other concerns, including when a product will be available, new store openings, manuals and warranties.

Thanks and good luck!

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The aldi store in Boca Raton does not have the simpli peanut butter with flax seed and chia. Can I order this on line? Or Are they getting it in again?

Anne Adamiak

I have a suspicion that the recently advertised SOHL 3 tier bathroom shelf was false advertising. I could not locate an Aldi store within a 100 mile radius that actually had this product in their store. Very disingenuous.

Cindy Knox

I recently purchased a dozen of eggs forelady’s. Under one of the eggs someone had placed a penny. As a penny normally signifies luck. In the food industry I do not feel lucky. The numbers on the carton are 232 P-102 065
10 best by April 21
Thank you
Cindy Knox

Kevin Wilkerson

Bought baker’s corner cobbler. Didn’t get cobbler topping