Crofton 6 Cup Food Processor

Crofton 6 Cup Food Processor

Aldi-Love Review – Crofton 6 Cup Food Processor

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Special Buy?  Yes
Price  usu. $19.99
Pros price, capacity
Cons only two blade attachments; cannot adjust slice thickness
Details 6-cup capacity; two blades, slicing and shredding); 2-year limited warranty, no frills (no dough attachment, no crinkle cuts)

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User Reviews

Great for 10 minutes

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Lid broke after very little use. Now it will not work and all they will not take it back. Great idea but didn't last.

stopped working after chopping 1 cup of walnut halves!

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I bought this at ALDI and was dying to try it out as soon as I got it home! I admit it took me a coupe of minutes to decide which attachment to use and how to seat it just right on the base, but was thrilled when it worked like a charm....until I emptied it to chop another cup of the same nuts! Nothing but a burnt electric odor. ugh

Wish it would work!!!!

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0 rating, the first time I tried to use it, it would not work, put everything together like it was suppose to be plugged it in and the power button would not work. Got this at aldi about a year ago, this is the first time I was going to shred carrots. Would not recommend this to anyone else. I would not start up. No good to anybody if it does not work.

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Worked for about 8 uses over the course of 3 months then it burned the motor up since all I really used it for was shredding cheese. OH! And our hard water made the blades rust after the first wash so I couldn't use the chopper anymore.

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Pros: -the form is compact -the design ergonomic -good customer service Contras: -the assembly is tedious -it deals extremely poorly with raw, none liquid ingredients -it has no ability to mix the food in the depth of the bowl, which means it will work the bottom inch, and then clog up, never processing the top -First time I used it to process cubed meat the engine expired for good. The appliance was 2 days old at that time.

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This was a very well used very loved little machine that I found at aldis for cheap. It’s lightweight and easy to clean. Perfect for making my homemade salsa, pesto, grinding nuts etc. loved the 6 cup bowl which is just the right size for me. Unfortunately, the nub on my lid broke too. It got stuck one day and I forced it. It had never gotten stuck before. I would love nothing more than a new lid to keep using my machine. If not, I will look for a new one, but seems like a waste. I loved mine… Read more »

Broken nub. I liked the processor the first time I used it. The second time, the nub broke when I tried to twist the lid off after slicing some vegetables. I have been unable to find a replacement lid on line. Now I have a useless pile of junk. Thanks Aldi.


The nub broke on ours too. It must be jammed in the slot because it will run with the lid off. Someone could cut their fingers bad. Should be a safety recall on the lids.


It worked fine until the little nub necessary to snap the lid into place broke without any misuse. Without this little nub, it will not work – it is a safety feature. Now it is rendered useless. I have had it less than a year, and I would like to order the lid as a replacement part, but I cannot find anywhere to do that. I have searched on line for this brand name, there is no contact info on/in my box. Again, it worked well for light use, but then suddenly broke.


same thing happened to me, used it twice, the nub plastic safety latch broke and how I have no idea, but useless now, been sitting for a year, cant use it and cant find anyway to get replacement top from company!! Howe frustrating!

Ms. Howell

I have the same problem…the part of the lid that snaps into place, that is necessary for the food processor to work broke the second time I used it. Would love to find replacement lid but the customer service number and website are useless. Will NEVER buy anything at ALDI other than food.


The exact same thing happened to me (broken latch on cover)! Even the time frame was similar.