Ambiano Pressure Cooker

New to pressure cooking?  Since the Instant Pot became all the rage a few years ago, knockoffs have been popping up all over.  Some great, some not so great. Compare the features – and read the reviews below – to see how Aldi’s Ambiano Pressure Cooker rates.

Ambiano Pressure Cooker

Reduces cooking times by up to 70% compared to conventional ovens

10 preset cooking modes

6-quart capacity

24-hour delay timer

Keep warm function

Self-locking lid

Product Code: 93550

usu. $39.99

How does the Ambiano Pressure Cooker compare to the Instant Pot?


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User Reviews

I love this thing!

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I got it on clearance for $25. I used it several times a week, and haven't had a single problem with it. LOVE IT!!!

Pressure cooker

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Could I please get instructions how to run it trying to make bone broth I need to set it for two hours


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Hey guys, I feel like we'd be doing you a disservice if we overlooked the things we don't so much love. The pressure cooker was really not a great thing. First off, the control panel is sort of vague, just has sorts of food like chicken, meat, beans, soup. So if I wanted to use any instant pot recipe I'd have to scratch my head over which setting to use. Like there was no discernible difference between the settings, especially since you could adjust the preset time for each up and down. So was the temp different? Who knows? Then of course the smell. Right after the first use I could detect an almost plastic smell coming from it. It didn't seem to transfer to the food but gave me the willies. Also, no matter how much I scrubbed, the smell from the food we cooked didn't seem to come out. The more we use it, the more it smells like plastic and food. Now we got to the point where it doesn't work at all. We carefully reassemble the pieces after washing, and it doesn't get pressure anymore. The last time we took it apart and started over a bunch of times and by the time it finally decided to get pressure the food was half burned on the bottom, and all the moisture had steamed away. I wish I could get money back.


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I've been looking at pressure cookers for awhile now, and bought this one after reading positive reviews online. I've never owned another (or more expensive) one. I have been using this one for about a month and have high praise for it. I have done chicken (whole and pieces), rice, quinoa, cuscus, beets, sweet potatoes, chili, etc. Everything turned out so good, and I can make a good dinner quickly when I get home from work. Feeding a family of 6 has never been easier. This one is worth the 39.99!

Love it!

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This appliance quickly took a place of importance in the kitchen. Easy to use, quick to cook, and doesn't heat the kitchen. Not a bit of trouble with it even though we're newbies to pressure cooking. I'd love to have at least one more!


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First use and leaking steam on opposite end of regulator and will not build up pressure. Buy cheap get cheap results!!!

Ambien pressure cooker

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A great unit. I too would like to order more, but where?

I want more

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Love it I would like to have 2 more but I don't know where to get it

Great product!

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This electric pressure cooker has all the features as those costing three or more times as much. Makes rice just like what you get in restaurants and in a matter of minutes. . I love to use it for cooking potatoes for mashed potatoes. No boil overs and the potatoes cook thoroughly in a few minutes. There is an online video that shows how to use it and how to take the cooker apart for cleaning. The only drawback is the booklet that came with it only has a few recipes but you can find hundreds online.

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Adam Hasiuk

no instructions need instructions ; please send my wife a great cook won’t use it; Help send Pdf


Does anyone know what setting is considered low?