Ambiano Air Fryer – Fried Taste and Texture Without Guilt

Aldi Ambiano Air FryerAldi Ambiano Air Fryer Aldi Ambiano Air Fryer

Ambiano Air Fryer

  • 2.7-qt. frying basket with nonstick coating
  • Provides the taste and texture of fried foods without the guilt
  • Cooks meat, vegetables, potatoes and more
  • Little to no oil needed
  • Removable frying basket
  • Digital touch panel to control temperature 170°F – 400°F
  • Provides fast and even hot air circulation
  • 60 minute timer
  • Cool touch handle
  • Product Code: 95311

usu. $49.99


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Works Great!!

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Works great. Just wish it were bigger


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Do I remove the cardboard under the basket?

Good when it worked

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Worked well for 2 weeks but the air fan got noisier and noisier until 2 weeks in it seized up and burnt out. Think I will try a Phillips next time.

Ambiano Airfryer

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I've been using this airfryer and I love it. I bought a Nuwave which I was told had not had a single return in tjat store and I'm really wanting to return it. The Ambiano is my favorite. In addition to cooking from the cookbook which is included. And the common fried foods that you fry without oil, I've used mine by adding a small baking dish. I just place it onside the basket. I've cooked an egg and toasted buttered bread at the same time. I've used it to heat food. I don't use a microwave for food and I cook for one. This is the perfect size. French fries and baked potatoes and Cornish hen and sliced tomatoes with shredded cheese. I've been away a few weeks so I'm not remembering everything. Oh, yes, a baked onion and sweet potato. The baked potatoes cook with a nice crispy skin which could be cooked with a buttered skin and covered (aluminum foil) if you like yours soft. I understand there is a fan over the food to circulate the heat and if your food item has too much liquid it could be thrown onto the fan so while thinking out of the box be careful. I haven't had any issues. I compared cooking times with my convection oven and this cooks in about half the time.

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Do I remove the cardboard under the basket?


Jessica. How stupid are you?