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Aldi Steam Mop

Aldi-Love Review – Aldi Steam Mop

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Special Buy?  Yes
Price  $39.99
Pros Sanitizes floors without harsh chemicals. No need to buy ammonia or floor cleaners, buckets or mops – all you need is tap water (and electricity!)
Cons not cordless (are there any cordless steam mops?); cost of replacement cloths
Details 2 year warranty; carpet glider attachment; 2 microfiber cloths

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User Reviews


5 5 1
This is a fine little mop. My first steam mop and used just for baths and kitchen for past 3 yrs of so. Recently replaced carpets with hard wood. Still love the mop but our daughter knocked it over and the handle broke to pieces. Still works fine but too hard to use for 2000 sq ft of hard floors. Was looking to replace the top part of the handle which unscrews. But think I will have to purchase new mops.

1 5 1
Worked great the first time... I got it out today to do the floors and NO STEAM!! There was water, and it was plugged in... the light was on! NO STEAM!! No help in the instructions either!! I have an email to customer service so we will see how good the warranty is!! But only the second time out of the box???????

5 5 1
I love it and the price was right. Now I need some replacement cloths and they are expensive!!! they cost almost half of what a new mop would be!

2 5 1
I bought this abdout 6 months ago to clean floors in single wide mobile home. I use it twice a month since it is just my husband & I, no kids, no pets. Worked great until today, no steam and no help in finding problem, manual is useless. And who holds onto a receipt after 4 or months ?

5 5 1
Mop works great, finding replacement cloths seems to be my problem!

1 5 1
unable to rate it as when i assembled it water was leaking from the bottom of the tank.Didn't even try it out, had it ten minutes then took it back and had refund

1 5 1
Mine did not work- need to return it to the store. Got it to replace the Shark model which broke after light usage - maybe 10 times in the 18 mos. I owned it. My niece has had the same Shark mop for YEARS and really LOVES hers.

4 5 1
I hated the Shark, and love this mop! I have had it at least 2 years, and it's my favorite!

2 5 1
I bought this mop at Aldi's and may be returning it after I try it one more time. The water remains the same.... as when I filled the canister and does not heat. I am disappointed, but as stated, will try one more time before I return it.

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Does anyone have the 800 number for the Crofton Steam Mop?

Melinda Bolinski

I love my Crofton Steam Mop that I bought at Aldi a couple of years ago, and I love it. I would however like to buy more mop heads, perhaps 6, because I find that 2 is often not enough. Is this possible?