High Speed Blender (Magic Bullet type)

Aldi-Love Review – Kitchen Living High Speed Blender and Mixing System

(Replaces Crofton Extreme Blending Machine)

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Special Buy?  Yes
Price  usu. $16.99
Pros  inexpensive; base works great
Cons cups not durable; no information regarding replacement cups  – SEE BELOW FOR THE SOLUTION
Details power base, 4 short and 2 tall cups (with rings); 2 blades (cross for chopping, grating and flat for grinding); lids for storing; shaker and steamer tops; 2 year warranty; instruction book with recipes

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User Reviews

Blender replacement cups

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Thank you! I use my blender daily but like yours my big cups were cracking. I came across your blog and the replacement cup issue is very helpful. I plan to order the replacement cups you recommended! I use my blender daily for smoothies. I very rarely use the smaller cups or lids. I like your recommendation for the smaller cups. Do you have any recommendations on the lids? What are they used for?

Love it.

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Received this as a gift. I use it everyday for smoothies. I love it.

Great but then this happened....

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For the past week I've been blending my drinks. This morning I go up and went to blend as I usually do and my entire smoothie will not come out of the base. I have literally tried everything even brought it to work with because after 20 mins of trying to get the cup and the base apart I had given up. Got to work and the men here couldnt get it apart either. So not only am I stuck with a non working base. I also just wasted money on all the ingredients and my very expensive protein powder :-(

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Love blending now. It is very convenient and a lot less expensive than other benders. Bending and the drinking from cus is very convenient. Ony draw back is my large cup and my pitcher broke not very durable stuff. Calling tomorrow for warranty info

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After receiving this gift extreme blending machine item #9588-11 model Sl-380E I was deployed overseas. My new wife put everything in storage upon returning home. When we open the box we noticed the juice extractor was cracked in the casing part# l. How do I replace this. Thank you.

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I had this machine and used it for 3 years. It was wonderful and very powerful. I later received a gift of the magic bullet. It lasted less than a year and was not nearly as powerful.

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My wife likes it, but I can't seem to find any parts for it. The white seal that sits in the bottom of the lid (by the blade) has broken, and I need a replacement.


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where are the replacement gaskets? chews em up,

Morton Rubel

I need a new “blending disc” for my Magic Bullett. Is this part available ANYWHERE – ON LINE – OFF LINE??

Hector Diaz
I just purchase this machine (extreme blending machine model 958810). at first glance it looks well made and quality product, then when I made the first smoothie woohoo it was very efficient and good. the next smoothie the spinner component that holds the blade pulverized it self while spinning ?WT-FLOWER ?I SAID TO MY SELF SO THE GRINDING BLADE CAP HAD ONE SO I SWITCHED THEM AND CAPOOOF, IT SHEDED IT. I TOUCH THE MATERIAL AND FROM WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE THE PART THAT SPINS UNDER THE BLADE THE RUBERY PART IS MADE OF A WEAK KIND OF PLASTIC. NOW… Read more »