Easy Home Robotic Vacuum

Aldi-Love Review – Easy Home Robotic Vacuum (compare to Roomba)

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Special Buy??  Yes
Price  usu. $69.99
Pros  none
Cons noisy; missed entire areas; got stuck in corners, near rugs and at edge trims; shiny black color smudges very easily
  • Navigates automatically
  • Works under beds, furniture and other hard-to-reach areas
  • 3 cleaning modes – auto, spot & turbo
  • warning indicator
  • auto shut-off
  • beeps when stuck
  • Easy-clean dustbin
  • Large main brush and dual side spinning brushes for maximum coverage and cleaning along edges
  • Includes rechargeable battery and AC adapter
  • Product Code: 48877

User Reviews

Infantile Personality

2 5 1
If my room were empty without furniture this Easy Home Vacuum would work well. Otherwise it needs constant attention. I might as well vacuum the floors the usual way. I want my money back.

Love this Robotic vac

4 5 1
My husband wanted to get one of these vacuums when he seen it in the sale flyer... I said, " really?" He said, yup so on Sunday morning off we went to Aldi's and got the machine... He came home charged it and turned it loose. We love it and now my daughter is looking for one for her son..

You gotta consider the price...

3 5 1
First things first, there are not any of these anywhere near this price that actually vacuum. I've never owned one of these, but here's what I think: This thing could actually be pretty good if you have an open area of almost only hard surface to do. We have three different area rugs on our laminate. It can almost always get onto these, but sometimes stops getting off of them like it thinks it has been picked up. Where it really struggles in my novice opinion, is on navigation. When it bumps into something, like a chair, it will keep bumping it, turning slightly away and then right back into it, for long enough that it wastes a lot of its charge. Also, the cleaning pattern on auto seems completely random, going around the same places repeatedly. I swear on one cycle it hit the same chair leg 5 times or more. The spot function seems to work well. And it never has, despite numerous opportunities, NEVER fallen down the stairs. If you are looking for something programmable or that you can turn on and leave alone, keep looking. This ain't it. That said, it does pick up dirt, dog hair, etc. If you want something more, you are going to be well over double this price.

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