Priano Pasta Bowtie Crackers

Priano Pasta Bowtie Crackers

Priano Pasta Bowtie Crackers

  • Pesto or Garlic Olive Oil
  • Product Code: 52136
  • 5 oz.

usu. $1.99

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Have to have them paid 7.00 at St Louis airport. Was good but not the same brand but close enough for the addiction please get some in store nobody has them in stock

Piriano Pesto Bowtie Crackers

5 5 1
Just made a special trip to my local Aldi to pick up more of these only to learn they were on close out and the store clerk said she didn’t think they’d be getting them back again. Please don’t let this be true!!! These are the best!


5 5 1
Please please bring these back permanently they are absolutely amazing I cannot get enough of them!


5 5 1
LOVE LOVE LOVE the Priano Garlic Olive Oil Bowtie Pasta Crackers. I really hope that these are not one of those specialty items that Aldi carries for a few weeks and then is never seen again! Please Please Aldi don't get rid of them!

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