Clancy’s Cheese Curls (Crunchy and Regular)

Clancy's Cheese CurlsClancy's Cheese Curls

Clancy’s Cheese Curls

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  • delicious, cheese flavored snacks
  • made with real cheese
  • regular, crunchy, chili and fiery hot, 3 Pepper Cheddar or Cheddar Jalapeño
  • naturally gluten-free
  • 8 – 8.5 oz.
  • usu. $1.29 to $1.89

Product Codes: 8793, 1723.

User Reviews

Cheese Curls have gone tasteless

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They used to be our favorite - much more cheesy flavor than Cheetos Crunchy. Purchased 2 bags last weekend at the Little Falls, MN Aldi and there was almost no cheese flavor at all. Could taste the curl and not the cheese. I guess it is good for my health to not want to eat these but sad the quality has changed.

Clancy’s Cheese Curls 3 Pepper Cheddar

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I love and hate these! Love them for their flavor, hate them due to the Aldis near me. They can't seem to either keep them in stock or hardly ever order them.

What Happened

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We have been buying these cheese curls for several years and enjoyed them with our lunches. The recently purchased bags have been terrible! They are now tasteless filler of some kind. Have you changed your recipe?

Clancy’s Cheese Curls (Crunchy)

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My review of the quality of the Cheese Curls is of utmost quality. It can be compared to be as good or better than some of the big-box brands on the common marketplace. I give the whole 5 stars based on flavor, consistency and ingredients.

Cheese curls

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My kids love these! Much cheaper than the regular grocery store!

Clancy's Cheese Curls (Crunchy)

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I almost never have a negative reaction to an Aldi product; but now and then, there is an exception. This product simply does not taste good. When I first tried them, a strong vegetable oil taste was prominent. I checked the ingredients and found that vegetable oil was the second ingredient. I definitely would not recommend this product.

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