Satisfing the Midnight Snack Attack

 Chips for Midnight Snack Attack


 Midnight Snack Attack Cure

Looking for midnight snack foods?

Aldi has the answer. In most stores, the goodies are stocked right at the entrance.  Literally, you can’t get into the store without going down that entire, first tantalizing aisle.  The one with the candy, chips and cookies.

And that’s just the stuff starting with the letter “c”.

They’ve got every variety of chip (potato and otherwise) that you can think of. Ridges, kettle, BBQ, sour cream and onion, They even stock Pringles. I especially love the all natural potato chips. You’ll find corn chips, tortilla chips (regular, blue corn, multi-grain), vegetable chips, party mix, pretzels, pork rinds, cheese puffs and popcorn (bag and microwave).

Dip it all in salsa, cheese sauce or hummus.

If you appreciate meat snacks, Aldi carries beef jerky (original, peppered and teriyaki), along with summer sausage, beef and turkey sticks.

In the chocolate category, choose from white, milk, dark, flavored bars, with or without nuts. They even have Snickers bars at the checkout counter.

Aldi brings out an extensive selection of chocolates – rabbits, eggs, bars, etc. –  and other candy and goodies at Easter.


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