Belmont Ice Cream

Belmont Ice Cream

Belmont Ice Cream

Belmont Ice Cream

  • Pumpkin, Pumpkin Praline, Egg Nog, Mint Chocolate Chip and more
  • Frozen
  • Product Code: 40539
  • 48 oz.

usu. $2.69


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belmont ice cream

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watery compared to krogers deluxe and not much less priced

compliment your Ice cream

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A couple weeks back I stopped in Aldi,s for some things, As I passed the freezer my eye caught the ice cream. When I spotted mint chocolate chip the decision to buy some was like a chance I was taking. Because although I have had a lot of mint chocolate chip I had grown tired of it. It seemed to be too minty. Well I want to tell you yours is the best I have had to date. I have not ever gone for 2 bowls of ice cream before but with your brand I have to control myself. I injured my leg last week and some pain is keeping me up. And I thought. "Have some of the new ice cream I got" I had 2 bowls. It is 12:57am. Belmont your Ice cream is just right. The right size chocolate chips. The right color ice cream and a certain lightness that makes it delicious. And a good price. Hope you don,t have to raise the price for me saying I would pay whatever it sells for to get it. good night.

Belmont Egg Nog ice cream is amazing!

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When they actually decide to stock it..... It seems they get 1 case of it 1 week of the year, and if you miss it, too bad.....

Belmont ice cream

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Yummyyyyyyyy...oh yea. love it


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I Love Belmont ice cream! My favorite is Peanut Butter Smores.

Yum, Yum, Yum!

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I love this ice cream! It's so affordable, but just as yummy as more prestigious brands like Ben and Jerry's! The carton is pretty big and will likely last you a few weeks! The flavor is really tasty and perfect for the holiday season!

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