Fresh Meat and Poultry

 Aldi Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat – Beef, Pork and Poultry

Aldi has special fresh meat and poultry offers every week. The prices are usually red-hot, quantities may be limited and it’s only while supplies last.

On a daily basis, Aldi carries fresh chicken breasts, wings, thighs and whole chickens. You’ll find pork loin (plain and seasoned) and chops.

Hams may or may not be in stock. They are always available before major holidays (spiral-sliced and shank) and usually marked down afterwards.

Beef items include steaks, roasts and ground beef (regular, lean and 100% grass fed). You’ll find ground turkey and occasionally tenders. You’ll also find sausages and bacon.

Aldi’s everyday fresh meat prices are not always the best around, but the meat specials and usually pretty fantastic.

Aldi stores do not carry fresh fish, at least not in the stores I’ve visited, only frozen.


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