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food storage containers food storage containers

Aldi Food Storage Containers, Wraps and Paper Products

Food storage containers, plastic and glass, are typically special buys so won’t be found on the shelves every day. But Aldi seems to order an overabundance and you might find them long after the special buy sale. Sometimes, they will even be marked down!

These Boulder brand items are always stocked at Aldi:

  • aluminum foil
  • plastic wrap
  • storage bags – zip and slider
  • freezer bags  – zip and slider
  •  sometimes even marked down.

As of this writing, the everyday prices for storage and freezer bags are unbeatable: twin zip quart-size, 40 ct., only $1.89; gallon-size, 30 ct., $2.29. Compare that to Ziploc, for example, where you might find quart-size bags, with only 15-20 ct., for $2.50 (on sale). Even the dollar stores only give you, on average, 16-22 quart-size freezer bags.

I’ve only seen wax paper sporadically in my area.  I have only found parchment paper around the holidays (mostly Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas).

But it’s worth it to stock up on the Boulder parchment paper when you see it. It’s the only on I’ve ever purchased that doesn’t curl up on me.

And, of course, Aldi sells paper plates, plastic cups and cutlery, napkins, paper towels.

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