Priano Gourmet Pasta Sauce


Priano Gourmet Pasta Sauce

  • Assorted varieties
    • Caramelized Onion & Garlic
    • Spicy Red Pepper
    • Vodka
    • Primavera
    • Arrabbiata
    • Italian Sausage
  • Product Code: 3275
  • 24 oz.

usu. $1.89


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Wonderful sauce

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The best spaghetti sauce I have ever tasted.....hopefully it will always be available.. I drive 30 miles to the nearest Aldi....should have bought more.....first time to try it.....tomatoes with basil....outstanding

Caramelized Garlic and Onion

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As I never buy jar sauce, (being a born and bred Italian,lol) I was very surprised and delighted when I tried this brand. I was making egg-plant w/parm and romano and mozz cheese. I added tbs. of this sauce in and around the dish. It was great ! I took myself off to Aldi's to buy more and alas they did not have that one sauce.... So I waited and went back to check to see if any new deliveries had come in and to my dismay, all the Aldi's have been closed for remodeling!! I think for 2 months besides.... While I love your product, is there anywhere else I may purchase this brand?? Thank you for your time... CSW


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I enjoy all flavors of your sauce. I am making a dish for a shut in and who is allergic to MSG. Did not find it listed on the ingredients, but just checking. Also, they can have no dairy. Considering Spicy Red Pepper Sausage & Peppers Caramelized Onion & Garlic Can you verify they do not contain any dairy or MSG? Thank you

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Can I purchase this sauce online? I am moving to AZ and they don’t have any Aldi’s there.
5 star rating on Carmelized Onion and Garlic Pasta Sauce.