All Purpose Flour

Aldi Baker's Corner All Purpose Flour

Baker’s Corner All Purpose Flour

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The worst

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This flour is the worst when baking.cookies are dry and bland. Never use this product if you want good results. Buy a better brand

Good, consistent quality

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Well, it's cheap flour. I have to sift it to use it, and adjust the liquid/flour ratio in my recipes to use this (like other cheap flours I've used), but it is a great price and I've gone through several bags with nothing weird or bad to report. For those times when you just need an inexpensive basic wheat flour, this is perfect.

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I purchased a 5lb. package of Baker’s Corner flour for $1.69 at Aldi’s in Melbourne, Florida. I have been baking my own bread since I received a stand mixer for Christmas and have slowly perfected my recipe. I was a little leery of using a new brand of flour, but thought the savings would be worth the experiment. My husband never knew the difference! I have also used this flour to bake banana bread—the lightest, fluffiest banana bread I’ve made in a long time—and chocolate chip cookies. Tonight I made dinner rolls for the first time, and they came out great as well. I honestly do not know if there is any difference in the quality of flour made by more expensive brands, but I certainly cannot taste a difference. I am baking more and more and realizing great savings in the process; buying my flour at Aldi’s will increase my savings even more since this flour is over fifty cents cheaper than the other flour I was buying. I will definitely buy Baker’s Corner flour again and am going to give the other baking ingredients a try as well.

I give it a 10/ its the best

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I USE IT FOR ALL MY BAKING. I LOVE IT! Great tasting product that Saves me Money!!!

AP flour is all the same to me

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I bake exclusively with Baker's Corner Flour because the price can't be beat!!

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Love this flour, esp the oatmeal cookie recipe!

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I regularly make pizza dough and I just didn’t get the best results with this flour. The dough was too thin. I had to use a lot more than normal to get the right consistency. So now I just wait for the holidays and stock up on unbleached name brand flour at 1.79 per bag at the grocery store. Otherwise I love Aldis. It’s the first place I stop to shop.


I also use the Baker’s Corner Flour and nobody in the house can tell the difference. Now the only time I purchase other brand’s flour is if they have a good sale i.e. .99 per bag! I am a big fan of Aldi!!