Lily & Dan Children’s Umbrella

Lily & Dan Children’s Umbrella

Lily & Dan Children’s Umbrella

  • Canopy diameter is 35.5″; Total length is 27.5″
  • Clear Bell with Unicorns, Pop-up Ladybug, Black & White Stripes with Floral, Clear Bell with Trucks, Pop-up Duck or Dinosaurs
  • Fun all-over prints, clear bell designs, and pop-up characters
  • Perfect for school!
  • Strap with hook and loop or snap closure for easy storage
  • Canopy material is polyester
  • 8 metal ribs of 2.5mm
  • Plastic handle
  • Product Code: 54937

usu. $4.99

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My 4yo accidentally (but very easily) bent one of the plastic-like ribs that holds up the polyester material. As I attempted to fix it, I received the unpleasant sensation of splinters in my finger that felt and looked like tiny threads of Fiberglas! There are no such materials listed in the description but I definitely plan or returning it, getting my money back, and reporting this to corporate so they can consider a recall!

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