Basic Clothing Priced Just Right

Aldi basic clothing

Trust me, you are not going to channel your inner fashionista with Aldi basic clothing. You will not be able to put together a complete outfit.

We’re just talking about a few specific, items. Simple, cheap, staple clothing that is not available year-round.

To get in on the best deals, you’ll have go at it logically. Seasonally.

For example, at the beginning of autumn, you’ll start to find warm clothes for cooler weather, like:

  • hunting clothes – includes camouflage boots, hunting jackets and parka, thermal shirts and pants
  • fleece hoodies, socks and jackets (men’s and ladies’, with a range of sizes, usually up to XXL for men)
  • flannel sleep pants and shirts, ladies’ clogs house slippers
  • children’s and toddlers’ boots, fleece sets, hat and mitten sets, snow bibs and winter jackets and gloves
  • pajama sets, leather gloves (men’s, ladies’ and children)

Spring and summer brings sleeveless tops, light jackets, capris and sneakers.

 And during the winter holiday season, Aldi basic clothing items will include sweaters, gloves, hats and scarf sets.

At the start of the new year, Aldi will offer, along with workout essentials, no-show socks, performance shorts and shirts.

As you might expect, the selection will be limited – very limited.

There may only be ONE variety of each item. For example, one week the offer might be a ladies blouse in M-XL sizes, in one or two colors, max.  That’s it.

These are special buy only. The strategy: wait them out. I, personally, am practiced in the art. For instance, if summer is approaching and I know I could use an extra light, easy top or two, I’ll see what Aldi is offering and, if the price is low enough, I’ll give it a try.

Bottom line? While you can’t build a wardrobe at Aldi, you can definitely stock up on inexpensive basics like socks, gloves and summer tops. We’re talking cheap, basic, limited choice clothing.

Did I mention cheap?

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