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Aldi Baked Goods

Baked Goods – Cupcakes, Croissants, Donuts – Oh My!

Aldi has a baked goods aisle.  While there’s no in-house bakery, fresh items are delivered regularly.

Commonly stocked breads include wheat, whole wheat, white, 12 grain, cinnamon raisin, croissants and garlic bread.

White bread hot dog and hamburger buns are always on hand and there will be occasional special buys of whole wheat buns, Kaiser rolls and brown & serve rolls.

I noticed that buns will often be marked down, sometimes halved, from their already low prices the day after a major summer holiday weekend.

Cupcakes, creams cakes and pounds cakes are typically available, along with chocolate chip cookies and chocolate or powdered doughnuts.

Special buy baked goods with a theme are offered throughout the year: for example, during October(fest), special German cakes and cookies.  And around the holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas, you can get pecan and other pies.

There are always pies and cheesecakes in the Aldi frozen foods section.

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