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The Aldi Consumer Review Site

Aldi-love is for regular Aldi shoppers as well as the Aldi-curious, wondering what the heck they sell at the store. Maybe you want to know if the unfamiliar brands are any good before buying. If so, this is the place.

This site is about sharing the Aldi love, with tips on to shop at Aldi stores, staff and user reviews and the latest grocery store news.

Yes, it’s true. I love me some Aldi! From cheap groceries to fitness products and patio furniture – I’ve got it. I’m all about frugal shopping.

And, although I can’t do ALL of my shopping in one place, I’m able to do most of it at Aldi. The focus is on select products and they offer top-notch private label goods (in addition to a few national brands).

Reviews are grouped by department, such as frozen foods, small kitchen appliances, and produce. If an item doesn’t fit one of those categories, you can find it under the Everything Else tab, or head over to the review index to find what you need.

How to Use Aldi-Love

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Ready to save big? Then let’s go shopping!

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